Version: 1.6.0



  • The required HW specifications depend mostly on the implementation of the application. Most applications connecting to our cloud-based service work on all mobile devices of the past 5 years without performance-issues.
  • The camera should be able to record video at 640x480px or more at 30 frames per second or more, otherwise quality of our service is decreased.

Image Size

  • The optimal image size for analysing lying down exercises is 640x480 pixels (landscape).
  • The optimal image size for analysing standing exercises is 480x640 pixels (portrait).
  • However, both portrait and landscape can always be sent, but analysis performance might degrade with respect to the optimal case.
  • Generally, a 4 : 3 aspect ratio of images yields the best results.

Please note that images with a higher resolution generally lead to a better analysis performance but increase the latency. And vice versa images with a lower resolution improve the latency but decrease the analysis performance.

Image Encoding

  • The image data must be encoded either as JPEG or PNG.

Image Orientation

  • The orientation of the image must be upright, meaning gravity showing downwards. Especially for landscape images, it must be made sure that they are oriented correctly.
  • The image should not be mirrored. Some mobile phones might return mirrored images depending on the respective hardware, so it must be made sure that those are flipped accordingly before sending to the API.

Please see following image as an example.

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