Version: 1.6.0


The Analyser provides all the functionalities to communicate with our service. Create an Analyser to configure a movement analysis session. When doing so, an event based Listener can be passed. It is also possible to add a Listener after creating the Analyser by using the registerListener method.

Analyse Images

To analyse an image with our movement analysis service, the PNG or JPEG encoded image is converted into an AnalyserInput. The AnalyserFactory provides a method createInput to create this required input format. For movement analysis, submit the AnalyserInput by calling the enqueueInput method. The method controls the rate of analysis of the images allowing the user to enqueue recorded images immediately. The AnalyserFactory further offers an option to attach the image capture time (timestamp) to each input. This will lead to a more accurate movement analysis and allows specific applications such as analysing a recorded video. We strongly recommend to set this parameter.

Please note that it is not guaranteed that every enqueued image will be analysed. The Analyser internally optimises the frame rate for optimal latency and motion analysis.

Stop Analysis

Stop the analyser by calling the method stop. This method halts the enqueueing of images to be analysed.

Analyser Properties

Once the connection is established and onReady is called, the analyser contains information about the exercise (Exercise) and session (SessionInformation). Check the javadoc reference for more detailed information. Furthermore, we cache the last received pose for you, which you can access with Analyser.getLastPose().

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