The Session Quality received an overhaul (#67)

  • The middle category was renamed from POOR to OK, leading to the three categories BAD - OK - GOOD. Note that this change requires you to adapt your code when updating to the newest version.
  • We added a new category NONE, which is present in the beginning, when we are not yet able to give a good estimate about the quality. This should take a couple of seconds.
  • Improved our estimation and increased the stability.

Please check out the newly created page about Session Quality, where you can find more information.


New Feature:

  • Add onActivity callback to the Listener interface (#56). The provided event data can contain a Repetition or an Attempt.


Fixed defects:

  • Performance improvements and restructuring after internal protocol upgrade #54


Package updates:

  • Adapted to a new internal protocol to the motion analysis service (!45)


Key features:

  • Allow to pass timestamp of image capture time with AnalyserInput. Please make use of it for better performance. #33
  • Enable to create analyser with additional parameter to pass a user name (userExternalId). #46
  • Return unique session id in Analyser. #45
  • Provide all body points that have to be visible to reach the exercise starting position, as well as the last estimated pose. Both within the Analyser. #48

--> For the last two points please check our documentation about Analyser properties.

Package updates:


Fixed defects:

  • Shutdown problem of gRPC connection by updating to VUP 1.6.7, see VUP Changelog


New Features:

  • Detailed documentation about session state !34
  • Updated to VUP 1.6.6, see VUP changelog

Fixed defects:

  • Real time feedback in listener onFeedback #39
  • Updated SessionState #39
  • No duplicates in MetricValuesEvent #39


Key Features Update:

  • Provide access to package implementation versions (#38)
  • Provide field if returned body point is accurate (#31)
  • Updated to VUP 1.6.3, see VUP changelog


A first stable version of the Java API is released providing event data in all events of the Listener and a functioning Analyser to configure movement analysis sessions.

New Features:


First (pre)-release:

  • Introduce Listener with ReadyEvent, PoseEvent, FormMetricValuesEvent, FormFeedbackEvent, RepetitionEvent, ErrorEvent and SessionStateChangedEvent.(#1, #2, #3)
  • Add Streaminganalyser for online analysis providing the functionality to register listener, enqueue inputs and stop the analyser. (#1)
  • Pass multiple form corrections instead of only one (#15)
  • Provide exercise name and form metrics (#7)

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